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January 2007
ntil several months ago, his neighbors in Portland, Maine knew Rob Elowitch only as the urbane and rather scholarly co-owner of the city’s respected Barridoff Galleries. Elowitch, a cum laude graduate of Amherst College, has for years devoted much of his time to developing artistic and cultural programs throughout Maine; his gallery has sold works by such renowned American painters as Eakins and Homer. Elowitch also belongs to one of Portland’s most accomplished families. His sister is a former mayor of the city, and his father is cofounder of a thriving manufacturing company. Yet for the last 20 years Rob Elowitch has led a secret life—as a professional wrestler. He (as Robbie Ellis) has competed in rings throughout the U.S. and Europe, playing the hero against the likes of Lord Herculon and Killer Kowalski. Elowitch, who has grappled for Amherst was concerned about his image. He hid his mat career from his customers, parents and most of his friends by never competing in Portland; he often squeezed in matches while on business trips. His secret became public when he reluctantly agreed to be listed on a wrestling card in Portland, and local papers put him on the front page. To his relief, Elowitch has found that the publicity about his wrestling career hasn’t hurt his gallery business at all. In fact, in the art world he’s now admired more than ever.

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The Huntsman, A Bad Scent (above), a gouache by Sir Alfred Munnings, graced the cover of the Barridoff Galleries catalog for the auction of August 1, 2008. It brought $480,000.00.




From the Wrestling Observer (April 2010):
We want to make mention of a charming documentary called Canvasman, which is the story of a pro wrestler Robbie Ellis (Rob Elowitch), who gained a measure of fame because his regular job is the owner of an art gallery in Portland, Maine (actually, he no longer has a gallery, but runs his business on the Internet and the business largely revolves around selling paintings at an annual auction). Ellis has been around for decades as a weekend warrior who became something of a cult favorite in his mid-60s as a well conditioned and shockingly agile-for-his-age heel with CHIKARA Pro.
By Steve Malloy, film critic, Moncton, New Brunswick, on Facebook:
I expected a quirky and entertaining documentary and got so very much more. It was a little about art, a little about wrestling and, to my surprise, a lot about the amazing love story between [Ellis] and [his] wife, Annette. In just under an hour, I felt I got a real and honest glimpse into the life of one of the more fascinating folks I have had the pleasure of watching compete inside the squared circle. [Ellis] is presented as a passionate and imaginative gentleman and [his] sincerity and love for [his] family, friends and occupations pours through the camera lens unfiltered every moment [he is] onscreen.
robbie “Wonderboy”

“Robbie Ellis is a splendid athlete and showman.”

“The Walter Mitty of the Mat”

“The Sports Illustrated legend
… arguably the most influential art figure in the state!”
PORTLAND MONTHLY (Portland, Maine)

“As a kid, Rob Ellis wanted to be Superman.
Today … he is. Muscles pumped, wearing form-fitting trunks,
he flies through the air. He even has a secret identity.”

SUN JOURNAL (Lewiston, Maine)

“I wouldn’t want to negotiate with him on a painting!”

“Bad Boy Robbie Ellis”

“Robbie Ellis’ story is the most amazing personal and professional story of any pro wrestler.
Words can’t describe how awesome Ellis is.”

Robbie Ellis was voted Personality of the Year 2005 by readers of the New England Independent,
described in Pro Wrestling Illustrated as the most prestigious independent wrestling website in the world.
He also made the PWI 500 roster of Top Professional Wrestlers in 1991, 1992, 1997, and 2005!
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With Zack
“The best thing about wrestling professionally has been the extraordinary friendships I’ve made.” —Robbie Ellis
Robbie Ellis Through the Ages
Secret Identity: Essays From Both My Lives is the newer of two books by the young (but already legendary) Mike Quackenbush. This second foray into publishing includes a chapter titled “On Robbie Ellis.” Both of his books put all others on pro wrestling by pro wrestlers into sleeper holds and are available for purchase on the Quackenbush website. The first book, Headquarters, an autobiography, is a must for all wrestlers and all fans. Forgive the cliché, but it really is an instant classic. No one better captures what it feels like to want to be a pro wrestler and then to become a pro wrestler. Better still, no one has ever described so well how it feels actually to be in the ring wrestling, especially when your opponent is someone you have always thought about as among the best there is. It’s a highly personal and entertaining book. A great and accurate review is online at Slam! Sports.
Early Career Press Highlights
  Boston Globe Feature Article New Bedford Standard Times Article  
“In Action” Early Photo Features: Robbie Ellis vs.
Robbie Ellis vs.
Hacksaw Jim Duggan
Hacksaw Jim Duggan
Brian Black
Bart Sawyer
Jason Stiles
Mark Jaguar
Steve Bradley
The Schoolboy
Alexander Worthington
Slyk Wagner Brown
K.I.D.D. U.S.A. #1
K.I.D.D. U.S.A. #2
K.I.D.D. U.S.A. #3
Blue Devil
The Slayer Jack Crow
Billy Pearl (a.k.a., Brian Walsh)
Robbie Ellis vs. Hurricane Steve Ramsey

Robbie Ellis vs.
Bart Sawyer
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