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Robbie Ellis, EWA light champion vs. Steve Bradley, the new Power Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion

Everyone in the dressing rooms had known for a long time that Steve Bradley was headed for greatness. When he was called up by the WWF to head for Memphis, no one knew he would quickly become a sensation and win the Power Pro Wrestling heavyweight title. But, just prior to his departure, the match shown here in pictures that cannot lie is a classic match between Bradley and the Legend/Superstar that occurred in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1998. The images were downloaded from a secret tape made of the match by an avid fan. The tapes existence had remained unknown - until now.
The Legend enters the ring area of the gymnasium at the Worcester Boys' and Girls' Club

Bradley makes a fearsome entrance as well.

The PPW superstar-to-be, Steve Bradley, in the ring

Ellis doffs his ring jacket

Ellis shows his power in the openings seconds against the bigger man

And he shows the audience where that power stems from. Impressive as hell!

Moments later, Ellis outsmarts Bradley when the big man tries to kick Ellis...

And leaves Bradley lying

But, moments later, Bradley catches Ellis by surprise - a scoop slam

And the match begins to get wild. Back and forth. Bradley does a 360 off the top rope after bodyslamming Ellis
Bradlee doesn't get the pin, but moments later Bradley catches Ellis in a Tilt-a-whirl slam

But Ellis catches Bradley at the last moment in a head scissors

And oh-so-smartly brings Bradley to the mat

Ellis only gets a 2 count as well, but catches Bradley in a headlock on the way back up

Bradley hip tosses Ellis from the headlock

And goes for a big pin. Yeah, Bradley, good luck to ya! Not!

Ellis knows his strengths and goes right back to the headlock, this time taking Bradley over

And dropping a big elbow

But it doesn't put the big boy away. The match gets hot again as Bradley momentarily takes over until... It was a fireman's carry takedown, that's all

After whipping Bradley into the corner, Ellis catches the future champion in the reverse DDT that never fails...

Puts him exactly where he wants him before dropping him!

Then, with audience (according to Ellis) cheering him on, the Legend/Superstar climbs to the top rope...

Ellis perches neatly on the top rope

And with a breathtaking and death-defying dive

Ellis lands on the hapless future champion!

The count: One! Two!


A muscle pose for the overwhelmed and excited fans

And more for the "peanut gallery"

The exultant champ! Some might ask where the ref was at this point, but Ellis says there wasn't enough room in the ring for him and anyone else

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