When Friends Meet in the Ring I

Luke Robinson vs. Robbie Ellis, April 13, 2008 at the Coverdale Center in Riverview, New Brunswick, Canada

These two are known to be buddies outside the ring. So what happened when they met in the middle of it in this match? It wasn’t pretty, but what a match it was!

1. The tie-up
5. Luke trying to tear off Robbie’s head
2. Luke stomps Robbie on the ropes
6. Shiranui (Sliced Bread #2), Robbie’s move here is usually a finisher
3. Looks like a low blow but it’s controversial
7. The ref is forced to intervene physically
4. Luke takes advantage
8. Robbie is exultant after Luke is disqualified. Robbie’s undefeated streak in New Brunswick continues
9. Robbie interviewed immediately after the big win which surprised and pleased the audience.
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