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The Slayer Jack Crow vs. Robbie Ellis, The Legend and Superstar

Vampire gear?The cocky kid clad in, what? Vampire gear? What is this?
The Sports Illustrated Legend and Hollywood Superstar makes his entry to the thrill of the crowd.
Ellis takes no crap.RE takes no crap!
Crow tilt-a-whirl Caught in a Crow tilt-a-whirl, The Crow thinks he’s got Ellis hurting when he finishes his big, fancy move with a back breaker across his knees …so he asks the audience, “Do you wanna see that again?”
Crow in a huracanrana They do and he does—only to get suckered so easily by the Superstar Legend, who stops the Tilt-a-whirl and catches Crow in a huracanrana.
Moments later. thrown off the ropes by Ellis, it’s Ooomphhhh.... Ooomphhhh....
And the Crowe is de-oxygenated and left crawling.And the Crowe is de-oxygenated ....
Then it's the famed inverted DDT Then it’s the famed inverted DDT.
The splash off the topThe splash off the top
And the pin, 1,2,3.And the pin, 1,2,3.

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