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Robbie Ellis of Portland, Maine vs. Mark Jaguar of Canada at the Augusta Civic Center, January 2000

The ultimate, the greatest, the Sports Illustrated Legend and Hollywood Superstar enters the auditorium to a thunderous response. (None of it positive, but let that pass.) Damn! He looks good!

Mark Jaguar is at a loss. And with good reason. He is about to get his ass whipped.

Jaguar starts the match off with a tight, devastating headlock.

Jaguar keeps the advantage throughout the opening moments and well into the match. A perfect high suplex...

And a killer drop from the heights

But, stupidly, Jaguar throws Ellis into the ropes and goes for another suplex, but the elegant Ellis neatly changes his position and hits the complex tilt-a-whirl to bring Jaguar to the beginning of the end.

After dropping a series of devastating elbows on the young audience pleaser, Ellis - furious with a crowd that he thought should have been on his side - climbs to the top rope.

And takes off in the highest arc "that' stupidest crowd ever saw" (Robbie's exact words, expletive partially deleted, as it was picked up and broadcast to the entire Civic Center as he climbed the ropes. The crowd was not happy. )

Robbie Ellis plashes perfectly - of course! - and gets the pin. The boos drive Robbie Ellis uts, and in a typical display of his good sportsmanship, he kicks the defeated wrestler and leaves the ring - the crowd on its feet. "They know how great I am", Robbie explained moments later to the "lesser stars", Tony Atlas, Scott Putski, Delicious Dave Vicious, and Jason Rage backstage.

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