Robbie Ellis vs. K.I.D.D. U.S.A., Jay Jaillette

Everyone knew it would be a slugfest, as the following pictures attest.
A rematch four years in the making finally happened at the Portland Expo.


These guys went at it
from the opening bell!
Whose side is the referee on, anyway?
Oh-oh. Robbie’s in some very serious trouble here.
Ellis vows, “After you put me down, I’m gonna kill you!”
Take that! Ow, that really smarts!
Kidd USA struggles to his feet. He looks like he’s regaining some ground.
Flying elbow smash!
Kidd USA always promised to show Robbie the ropes.
Super-painful snap suplex!
A fan at ringside swears he heard Kidd USA muttering “Take ... that ... you ... blonde ... bombshell” as each of the blows connected.
Off the top rope, Ellis delivers the final blow!
Finally, a dramatic pin to end a tremendous back-and-forth struggle.


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