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The K.I.D.D. gets his rematch!

Robbie Ellis, Lightweight Champion


K.I.D.D. USA, The Challenger

The Champ Struts In K.I.D.D.'s Backbreaker

Eastern Wrestling Alliance Robbie Ellis, EWA Lightweight Champ vs K.I.D.D. U.S.A.

A Classic Finish

The Champion, all pride and confidence, strides to the ring. Ellis would claim later that the K.I.D.D. had used a low blow; but the referee didn't agree. A stunning backbreaker ended Ellis's reign as the lightweight champ of East Coast Wrestling (EWA). Ellis maintains the belt for other New England independent promotions, but K.I.D.D.vows to win them all. After this classic match, he just might!
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