Photo Credits: Timothy A. Walker of Pro Wrestling Illustrated
and Wayne McCarty of Midwest Pro Wrestling


Midwest Pro Wrestling Show (Thanksgiving Weekend, 2003)

Photos by Wayne McCarty
official photographer of Midwest Pro Wrestling

Robbie Ellis has had quite an amazing influence on the Midwest pro circuit!




6-man tag match at Midwest Pro Wrestling, Minneapolis (Maple Grove), Minnesota
November 29, 2003

I had the most fun watching this match.

Great moves and great entertainment through the whole match.... When Robbie Ellis came in he connected with a tornado huracanrana against Ben Sailer.... Later, all the wrestlers combined for a six way, daisy chain sleeper. This was broken up by a six way, daisy chain chin cracker. This match was the happiest contest I've seen in some time. MOTY [match of the year] candidate? Everyone needs to see Robbie Ellis work.

From Dr. d'X, Field Report



The Punisher v. Robbie Ellis

Sunday, November 30, 2003
“The Sports Illustrated Legend and Hollywood Superstar” Robbie Ellis vs. “The Punisher” Royce Reed correctly identified this match as one of experience versus youth, and Ellis proved him right by beginning the contest with cheap shots while directing the referee ’s attention away from the action.

The Punisher established his toughness, though, staying on the high road and eventually unnerving Ellis with his unlikely speed. The Punisher missed with his Booty Time finisher, leaving him vulnerable to the Superstar Splash ... but a raised knee rearranged more than just Ellis's attitude. A subsequent pin attempt ended in the ropes, and while the Punisher quibbled with the referee, Ellis managed a sneaky DDT that provided him the win.

Winner: “The Sports Illustrated Legend and Hollywood Superstar” Robbie Ellis

—from the Midwest Pro Wrestling home page

1. Punisher, the popular young MPW wrestler
2. About to tie up
3. The Punisher’s big move sent Ellis out of the ring
4. Ellis’ first kick is blocked ...
5. ... but not the second!
6. Ellis surprises Punisher with a tornado huracanrana
(flying head scissors/tilt-a-whirl) and brings
his opponent crashing to the mat.
7. And a retaliatory arm-twist for good measure!
8. This makes Ellis very steamed indeed.
9. Ellis gets his just desserts.
Yes, this was from the top ropes when
Punisher moved his knee into perfect position. Ouch!
10. Ellis connects with a vicious elbow.
11. The winner: Robbie Ellis!


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