It was with fear and trepidation that I returned to Pennsylvania and Chikara for another weekend of what turned out to be equally dizzying sensory overload. Nothing, after all, could live up to the excitement of King of Trios. But it did. First of all, the guys I got to know and other guys I got to know better were athletes for whom I don't have enough words to describe. To write that these guys are, well, kind of gods to me sounds a bit much; but the reaction I got telling my wrestling friends back in Maine those names that I worked with and shared the card and ring with was enough to convince me that the word is entirely appropriate.

Mike Quackenbush, Mitch Ryder, Gran Akuma, and Larry Sweeney were already my brothers. Claudio Castagnoli taught me so much by example while Chris Hero freely gave me the technique for the move, a burning hammer, that got me over on the final night at what is now called the New Alhambra but is in fact the old ECW Arena in Philadelphia. Just to appear there again would have been enough. To wrestle the truly singular, incredibly popular Hydra in that arena was an honor comparable to any I have had in pro wrestling.

There were several sensational young wrestlers from Canada like Stupified and Shayne Hawke, and, with a great amateur backgound, Tim Donst, all of whom couldn't have been more talented or greater to spend time with. (Their extraordinary abilities can be linked, like many of the others, at least to some significant degree, to Mike Quackenbush and his CHIKARA WRESTLE FACTORY/Pro Wrestling Academy & Training Center.) I want to mention everyone, but a few more names I can remember will have to do: Lince Dorado (spectacular, but who wasn't?), Icarus, Miyawaki, Pantera, Chuck Taylor...

Robbie Ellis vs. Hydra
CHAPTER 11/Chikara Pro Wrestling
New Alhambra (formerly ECW Arena)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
November 16–18, 2007

Photos by
Lyle C. Williams

Various quotes Online from Pulse Wrestling, The Burning Hammer, Wrestlecrap, Chikara Fans, and YouTube:

Ellis is just too awesome for life. Shiranui last night, Burning Hammer tonight. It doesn’t get better than this.

Let’s get one thing clear. Robbie Ellis is over 60 years old and is an active wrestler. You might think that he’d be boring, but he is actually GREAT to watch. He’s nailed Slice Bread #2’s, Head scissors and even recently a BURNING HAMMER.

Robbie Ellis came down [the ramp at the old ECW Arena in Philadelphia] to “Sexy Back” by Justin Timberlake, and let me tell you, he did just that. He brought sexy back AND some. Ellis got Hydra tied up for the Burning Hammer, and connected it!

The crowd went WILD after the [Ellis] Burning Hammer. If only Ric Flair could move like Robbie Ellis.

Robbie Ellis>>Terry Funk>>>>Piper>>>>>Dusty Rhodes>>Ric Flair>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Hogan.

Robbie Ellis def. the Hydra via a Burning Hammer -- Yep, a Burning Hammer. Hydra was on the top rope, Robbie grabbed him before he could jump, and landed a picture-perfect Burning Hammer for the pinfall. The place went nuts when he hit it, and tons of people stood to applaud.

Moment of the year=Robbie Ellis using the burning hammer on Hydra Match of the year = Hydra v Robbie Ellis

From YouTube: “Lucha at 64” (five out of five stars and favorited five times): WHOA! Eat your heart out Ric Flair WOOOO! written by SmackdownRanger DAMN! written by Callcoborocua83 HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!! HOLY SHIT!!! written by danteliveson)

“CHIKARA KOT07 Nt.1: Sweeney/Ellis/Ryder promo (four out of five stars and favorited twice) That was just great and Robbie Ellis is right “Damn he looks good” written by Semibaked) TOO AWESOME TO HANDLE!!! (written by Danteliveson)

And a personal favorite by email: Thank you very, very much for the match we had. I think it’ll be talked about for a long time to come, and I know I’ll never forget it....Hydra (I won’t forget it either, my friend.)

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