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Robbie Ellis vs. Bart Sawyer

The champ in his own words:

“A clash of two of the true superstars of Maine Event Wrestling, this one was a classic. Desperate after my devastating moves, Sawyer played foul with low blows. The ref was a pal of Sawyer’s, I know, because he kept warning me about the same thing when it was Bart and only Bart who was at fault.  It should have been a disqualification.”

“Anyway, Bart thinks he won that match with a pin.  Never happened. I won.  And the ref could have, I dunno, counted to ten or something? Ask anyone who was there, like the announcer Paul Adams, maybe the one honest guy in all of MEW.”

Sawyer’s patented elbow drop gets Robbie Ellis ad early.
A modified reverse headlock has Sawyer literally against the ropes!
Robbie continues to deliver severe punishment. “No one,” shouts Ellis. “messes with the champ! Nobody!!!”

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