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Robbie Ellis vs. Jason Stiles
in Las Vegas

Robbie appears supremely confident prior to the match!

It’s all Ellis early on as Stiles can’t believe what hit him. So much for the presumed advantage for the young versus the old!

Ellis has Stiles by the head!
This could be dangerous ...

... but Stiles accomplishes the reverse, then swiftly executes a Fireman’s Carry (uh-oh!).


A series of elbow smashes against the ropes has Ellis in a real bind.

But suddenly, Ellis comes back at Stiles with a devastating elbow drop!
“Ya like elbows, do ya, punk?!” quoth the champion.

Later, Ellis cleverly and adroitly escapes an attempted pin by Stiles. It wasn’t long afterward that Ellis pinned Stiles for the victory!!!

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