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Robbie Ellis of Portland, Maine vs.
Tyrus in Las Vegas

Here are the opening credits as viewers saw them on TV.

Ever the showman,
Robbie Ellis shows us why he’s simply the best.

Tyrus is growing a little disgusted with Ellis’ preening. But most of the ladies seem to think that seeing his bod alone is worth the price of admission!

That, as they say, had to hurt!

A good moment for Tyrus as he executes a fine throw on Ellis.

Things quickly got out of hand at ringside as Tyrus took great pleasure in cleaning Robbie’s clock. Ouch!

Ellis decides to wage an air war against Tyrus. He knows his superior technique will win the day ...

... and this is the
inevitable result!

As the referee declares Ellis the winner once again, the champ roars in celebration! The crowd, stunned by the brutal win, looks on in near-silent amazement as Ellis headed for the locker room victorious.

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