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UPPER LEFT: Robbie Ellis tells it like its going to be as he confidently enters the ring to meet...
UPPER RIGHT:: ...a bigger - but better? - man. Again, Ellis tells it like it is - this time to Worthington's face - up close.
LOWER LEFT:: And Worthington immediately wants to show what size means in a test of strength.
LOWER RIGHT: Ellis fights back....
UPPER LEFT: Ellis fights back, gets to his feet
UPPER RIGHT: and gets the headlock
LOWER LEFT AND LOWER RIGHT: Almost simultaneously, Robbie, caught by the hair, winds up for a knock out punch - but what is in his right hand? brass knuckles? - while Worthington brings his knee up for a low blow.
Both men are laid out flat...the ref begins a ten-count - but it's Robbie Ellis who manages to crawl, get his arm across Worthington's chest for the count...1, 2, 3...and moments later...
The fans all just want to touch the legend and superstar as he exits in total triumph!

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